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Health conditions influence all aspects of life – fulfilment, purpose, self-esteem, relationships, and our energy.  

The Eighth Space educates women to become more conscious about their mental and physical health, to feel empowered and experience a deeper connection to themselves and the women around them. This renewed sense of collective and community improves morale and can lead to positive cultural shifts in the workplace.

Encouraging leaders to think deeper and to consider the possible impediments to the wellbeing and vitality of women employees, our model aims to help businesses get the best from their people, through programs that awaken, and identify the obstacles that inhibit women’s workplace wellness. 

By introducing practical and evidence-based strategies, Amanda and Kate unveil the steps to create a bold new paradigm for optimal health for women, personally and professionally. 

The Eighth Space will educate and facilitate powerful conversations, provide insights, and practices to connect corporations with women and together, guide them toward a path to a more aware and conscious workplace.

Whether it is our keynote presentations, workshops or virtual webinar training, we offer programs that will engage, educate and empower the women in your business to flourish.

Importantly, the Eighth Space programs can be tailored to the needs of your organisation and participants. Our depth of experience and innovative programs aim to offer a rich virtual event and training that is cutting-edge, engaging, inclusive and impactful.

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