For Women

We work with women who are overwhelmed and struggling to find a way to build their resilience to stress and improve their overall health and wellbeing.

Evidence confirms, that 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with autoimmune disease, 1 in 3 women will suffer anxiety and 1 in 6 women of reproductive age experience infertility. Too often these symptoms are normalised as the result of a busy, modern-day life.

Modern women juggle more, work longer, sleep less and suffer mood issues. These lifestyle factors potentiate compromised health, and influence health risks particular to women. At The Eighth Space we aim to gently shake women out of this cage and meet women where they are.

Amanda and Kate facilitate a new conversation that illustrates what good health looks and feels like. They guide participants towards a more aligned, integrated and embodied approach to personal health with accessible and actionable steps towards real and permanent change, and to a deeper understanding of female body literacy.

Our practical and supportive online courses are designed to coach women in senior leadership on how to cultivate great health within themselves, and the teams they lead. With videos, downloadable resources and practical exercises, our online courses offer education, guidance and support.

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