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The Eighth Space offers workplace wellness initiatives for senior leadership.

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Who We Are

about us

The Eighth Space aims to bridge the gap between an individual's health and the overall wellbeing of the workplace. Because only when the health of its people is paramount, can an organisation truly thrive.

Born from emerging evidence that female health is currently at a tipping point, The Eighth Space supports women in leadership to facilitate meaningful and enduring change in the overall health and wellbeing of their organisations.

For Women

We work with professional women who feel overwhelmed, are looking to build resilience to stress, or who are wanting to improve their overall health and energy.

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For Organisations

Through workshops, events and online programs, we work with organisations to educate women on their mental and physical health—because when the health of the individuals improves, so too does that of the organisation. Our programs are aimed to help women feel empowered and foster a deeper connection to themselves and the women around them.

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Our Programs

what we offer

“Kate and Amanda have all the experience and knowledge to make the program hit home for everyone in their own way. It really has been a stand out for us at SRG and made a difference to everyone on the program - personally and professionally.”

Angela Uther
General Manager - Super Retail Group